Dear UCLA Community,

Faculty, staff, students, medical professionals and parents have been increasingly contacting campus administrators—both here at UCLA and at universities across the country—with concerns regarding students’ emotional well-being and safety, as well as other obstacles to their academic success.

When a student is at-risk or in crisis, responding to the students’ needs and providing appropriate referrals can prevent an escalation of the situation and help keep the student and our campus community safe. If you observe behavior that is concerning, please take action to get help for the student.

Here are indications for consultation with the Consultation & Response Team:

  • Physically aggressive acts or intimidating behavior
  • Implying or making a direct threat of harm
  • Willful or intentional behavior causing damage to property
  • Weapons in the UCLA community
  • Direct or implied threat of suicide or death
  • Stalking, sexual assault or dating/domestic violence
  • Life-endangering substance abuse, eating disorders or other high risk behaviors

In the spring of 2011, the Consultation & Response Team launched its Red File Folder initiative to help guide the campus communities regarding students who are disruptive or in distress. Please click on the link on the left hand menu to the “Red File- Faculty & Staff 911 Guide”.

To consult regarding a specific concern please contact a Student Care Manager/ Advocate who coordinate the work of the Consultation & Response Team (310-794-7299 or 310-825-7291 or 310-825-0628 or ). However, keep in mind that the Student Care Managers/ Advocates work during regular business hours and do not maintain 24 hour access to email and phone.

****If you need an immediate response after hours or on weekends please call UCLA Counseling and Psychological Services 24 hr access line (310)825-0768 or call the UCPD 24 hr dispatch line at (310)825-1491 or dial ‘911 for your local police. Here is a link to additional emergency phone numbers.

***** If you have concerns about a faculty or staff member in distress, please contact the Staff and Faculty Counseling Center by calling 310-794-0245.

***** In an emergency situation, please call UCPD by dialing 911 from an on-campus phone or (310) 825-1491 from a cell phone.

Please report any derogatory, offensive or demeaning behavior directed toward any individual on the basis of race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, ability or any other group characteristics.

Report incidents of BIAS